Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

The program is offered completely free of charge! We do, however, encourage donating to the organization if you feel that the program is beneficial to you.

"How can I get tutored one-on-one?"

In our classes, we combine classroom instruction with personalized instruction and drills in small groups with our mentoring staff.  However, if you feel that you need the additional help, many members of our mentoring staff are willing and able to set up an appointment to help out on an individual basis (pricing will differ from mentor to mentor). 

"Is it okay if I miss a session?"

Of course! At each session, we go over different topics and subjects based off of what students want to learn that week. All of the lesson outlines and homework problems are available online, and use the Remind! app to keep yourself updated or to contact a member of the mentoring staff about what you missed.

"How can I donate?

We accept donations in any form - cash, check, or electronically. Make checks out to Gateway Prep.  Electronic donations are processed through Stripe and instructions for paying electronically can be found under the Donations Tab. 100% of all donations go toward buying materials to support our different locations.

How successful is the program?

How well you do on the ACT is largely based off how much work you put in outside of class - many of our students have seen 4 or 5 point composite score increases, while some people remain at the same score. If you do the homework and pay attention in class, you have a much higher chance of having a score increase. So far, our average score increase is approximately 2 points.

How many times should I take the ACT?

You should take the ACT as many times as it takes for you to get your goal score. However, taking the ACT more than six times may be looked down upon by schools that require you to send in all of your scores. The key is to take the ACT only when you feel ready and have done adequate preparation - aside from the first time, it's never a good idea to take the ACT without any preparation.

What's a good score on the ACT?

A "good score" is dependent on which schools you are applying to/planning on applying to. Look at the average score data of the school that you are interested in.  Aim for the 75th percentile or higher.

What if I don't have a location near me?

If you have any questions or need advice on the test, contact or text 330-506-0023. The lessons that we go over in our physical classes are on our site under the Resources tab, as well as practice questions and sample tests.